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yards total for a.p. what was the difference? >> you know what? the energy level was just at an all time high, i think. and this week, like last week, we buzzed around. but this week, we made the tackles and we didn't allow him to get through the line of scrimmage and get yards after first contact. and we just kept putting that heat on him. and that was the difference. >> michele: so where do you see the defense right now as you get ready to head to san francisco? >> we got to get better. >> michele: congratulations on the win. >>> thanks, the defense held adrian peterson who didn't have much help around him. held peterson to 99 yards on 22 carries. we bring in tony dungy now. what was the key for the packers tonight? >> well, bob, i think it was charles woodson. he came back and reminded me of our 2006 team in indianapolis. we had lost bob sanders. we weren't playing great defense. bob came back for the playoffs and everybody else played better. and i think that's what you saw tonight. charles woodson talked about guys flying around, energy, peterson wasn't breaking tackles. i think t
. >> it needs energy. >> it needs energy and confidence. it needs to be revitalized. i think there are a lot of things we need to do with accounting. >> meantime starbucks says it offered a million dollars more than dempsey's group. the company says it is considering its options. a bankruptcy judge will review the deal sometime next week. >>> facebook is expanding its presence on your cell phone with three new features. one has some tech experts saying it could make your phone obsolete. it lets you make free calls it other facebook friends using internet access. it uses voip, but for now it is only available in canada. another feature lets you chat live with video. it is like skype or apple i chat. it send a text message with sound. all are available on facebook's messenger app. >>> nancy pelosi is defending a doctored picture of democratic women in congress. the photo was snapped on capitol hill on thursday. pelosi wanted all female democrats in congress in attendance. however four women were late. the photo was taken without them. pelosi had someone add the four in afterward. you can see t
. >> gigantic new shot in the arm. >> it needs energy. >> it needs energy and confidence. it needs to be revitalized. i think there are a lot of things we need to do with accounting. >> meantime starbucks says it offered a million dollars more than dempsey's group. the company says it is considering its options. a bankruptcy judge will review the deal sometime next week. >>> facebook is expanding its presence on your cell phone with three new features. one has some tech experts saying it could make your phone obsolete. it lets you make free calls it other facebook friends using internet access. it uses voip, but for now it is only available in canada. another feature lets you chat live with video. it is like skype or apple i chat. it send a text message with sound. all are available on facebook's messenger app. >>> nancy pelosi is defending a doctored picture of democratic women in congress. the photo was snapped on capitol hill on thursday. pelosi wanted all female democrats in congress in attendance. however four women were late. the photo was taken without them. pelosi had someo
for this weekend's big game. he is willing to pay for hotel rooms for students. >> it is all energy. >> and the arena would not be good. since the dorms don't open until sunday, the coach is offering to pay $100 for a hotel room for any student who can't get into their dorm rooms. he said it is part of his strategy to win on saturday night. >> team energy is at a very high level right now. the only way that it can really increase outside of what we're doing is to have external factors on you are on side, elevated. the easiest way, that's why you have home games. you have these home games. we worked really hard to get all these home games. we have 19 home games on our schedule. we need to take advantage of it. >> the deal is on the table. the game is saturday night. santa clara hosts gonzaga. we're back in a moment. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den
are expected it show up if huge numbers at a hearing in san francisco to demand clean safe energy. groups urge the california public utilities commission to shut down the nuclear plant in southern california. two reactors have been shut down for a year now after leaks that sent radiation into the neighborhood. >> five people are recovering from injuries after an escalator packed with people suddenly kicked into reverse at a rail station in jersey city, new jersey, yesterday. the escalator was going up and it stopped and went backwards. people were piling up at the bottom of the escalators and others tried to jump over to escape the pile and authorities say the station was damaged during super storm sandy in october. >> an investigation is underway into why a tanker ship scraped the bay bridge. next, what we are lending about the shipping accident. a man guiding the tanker has been checked out before. >> a handful of traffic trouble spots is turning your morning here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...a
and we lose most of the energy. in fact, look how the clouds you are over the ocean which is where they will be during the overnight hours. now, if you are stepping out we are in the mid-to-upper 40's. we will flirt with record cold high temperatures. we will let you know if we get any of those. right now we will probably be a couple of degrees warmer. temperatures in the mid-40's to 50 in monterey bay and inland. showers will taper. the snow level is still 2,000 feet. freezing cold the next couple of nights but the coast and san francisco, and showers are possible saturday. big game on saturday. we will walk our way through it. we are looking at instability of showers behind the sharp cold front and notice the lines, pressure gradient lines coming straight from the arctic circle. it will modify a bit but unusually cold front. on the other side of the screen you can see the showers and how they are sitting over the ocean. one or two or straying inland through 5:00 hour. when we get to tonight you can see they stay over the ocean again. through tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon i
of 2014. in san francisco, sharon chin, cbs 5. >>> 30 fights, 31 citations and countless energy drink and cocktails later, the party is over. >> nobody wants to be in business and have a fight with the city all the time. >> the long bumpy road that brought last call and the owners parting shots at the walnut creek establishment. >>> on the mound he brings an unmistakable fiery identity. the ugly incident that unfolded at the security check point when sergio romo couldn't produce the proper i.d. >>> he showed up alone out of the blue, but the latest visitor is getting a warm welcome and a name. ,,,,,, ♪ [ male announcer ] the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the 2013 ram 1500 with best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram. the new ram 1500. motor trend's 2013 truck of the year. ip never got muc >>> well the owner says he is just trying to run a nightclub as police call it a magnet for crime. the relationship never got much further than that. tonight the vice ultra lounge is closed for good. cbs 5 reporter with
since 1965. >> so much positive to do now and we will the time and the energy without the budget crisis overwhelming everything to focus on just that. >> i think we have to trust their word until proven. and i think it is clear, it is their show, and we will be right there. the republicans are. reminding them that they said they would work with everybody. >> republicans say they are waiting to see if democrats will restrain from spending. >>> apple reached a major milestone. users have downloaded 40 billion apps from the apple store. half of those were in 2012. a manager said developers made more than 7 billion dollars creating. apple stock followed the nasdaq today, slipping $3. that is a loss of half a percent. >>> nice day today. cold this morning, tomorrow morning, not quite as cold but it will get chilly. here is what i am tracking. gulf of alaska. it will come down like this and that brings cold air. tomorrow we get this pattern. into the next 36 hours that system drops in from the north. dense fog advisory in ports of the south bay and -- parts of the south bay, east bay, and the
helped california hit a major energy milestone. regulators said a thousand gigawatts of solar power has been installed in the state. san jose installed almost 55 mega watts through the program making it the top solar city. >>> coming up, how bay area schools are amping up security and explain how a small peace of hardware could save lives. sacramento meets hollywood, the reason why he may be strolling the red carpet. jif jif announces his -- jim harbaugh announces his starting kicker and alex smith talks about the man who replaced him. >>> the fbi said the well about to be excavateicide deeper than nilsy -- excuvaded is deeper than initially thought. fbi officials thought they would be bigging 50 feet but real -- digging 50 feet but realized it would be more like 200 feet. >>> school shooter left a high school student wounded. a male student opened fire at 9:00 a.m. this morning at taft high school. a 16-year-old boy was wounded. he was airlifted to a hospital where he remains in critical condition. the shooter was arrested and all schools in the area were put on lock down. >>> schools
rehilitate the dog? >> first i find the right energy for that dog. compatibility is moremportant than anything else. >> with the owne a lot of timeseoe come and rescue a dog ty feel sorry r. the dog is already in a bad position. if your engy is negati, he is knoed going toeelsafe. >> as saw with yr last sw og whisperer" sometimes you say it's more about the humans having to train them rather than the dog. is always about the hun. in the animal world, it's energy. th don't know wh you do for a living. theyust know the energy you project. if youe nervous,ou have to be are o that. otherwise they pk up on i right ay. >> what are we going to do today? >>ou're going to pic your dogs. how unternto their space -- by the way -- >> a dog or just go down the line? >> any dog you want. hey. >> hi. >> hi, buddy. >> so do we have to know their mes or does that not tter? >> some peo fl comfortable with it. i neve ask for the name. th the first step. the second step is, unleash the dog zplu. >> you want us to take the leas >> yes. everything counts, eve second ho you deal with -- >> okay,ok, okay. >
the updates. >>> a dog in virginia caused a stir earlier this week. >> this little bundle of energy isn't the lion he looks like. take a look. his name is charles the monarch and he is in fact a labradoodle. looks like a lion. on tuesday, police say they got calls about a baby lion on the loose. [ laughter ] >> and then they found this guy. i mean, he's kind of looks like it but that would be a small lion. captions by: caption colorado >>> good morning. to our viewers in the west. it's thursday january 10 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." boston claims a flu energy and nra meets to the vice president to talk gun control. piers morgan is here. he's generated so much anger the white house had to react. >>> baseball hall of fame voters send a mess an on steroids saying no-no-to-everyone and hollywood surprises. oscar nominations are revealed. >>> we look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> i'm declaring a public health emergency in the city of boston. >> a deadly flu outbreak spreads nationwide. >> the number of flu c
transportation safety board will certainly look into. >> carolyn: california has reached a renewable energy milestone. the solar initiative is generating more than one giga was the worth of electricity. san jose has installed the most panels. president obama signed a bill designating pinnacles national monument as the newest national park. that opens the door for more visitors. california has nine national parks more than any other state. >> dan: let's talk about this cold weather. >> carolyn: it's really going to get cold, sandhya. >> time to turn up the heat. extra blanket on the bed. live picture it's going to get cold tonight. it is freezing and live picture from high definition roof camera. look at the bay bridge showing off the parking lead lights, beautiful display there and look at live doppler 7. showers are gone. the snow is long gone and clear skies we are expecting a chilly night. temperatures right now already in the 40s. oakland is only place where we're seeing 50 degree temperature. down to 42 in fairfield. freezing cold and cool afternoons into the weekend. dry and milder as
. with that pulling to the south. all the upper level energy. dragging in polar air. not going to go anywhere the next 48 hours. it is going to do this to our temperatures. let's get a look at tomorrow, shall we. pet l some other spots. 32, los gatos. 34 in santa cruz. and there. average. 26 degrees. also potentially some icy roads. as for friday. here is the good part. throughout the afternoon. a lot of sunshine. though it is cold. going to be bundled up. the sun out there to make it feel at least, a little bit warmer outside. the three day forecast. stay dry for friday. freeze warn ing. and frost to start. look at this. by sunday. still expecting a slate chance of maybe some low snow. i left it in there. a 30% chance. but forecast models were aggressive with this earlier this afternoon. did bring us low snow down to 500 feet on sunday morning. then it went away. then it came back in the forecast models. have to see what it does for tomorrow. want everybody to be prepared. sunday morning. slight chance, we could see low snow again all. pretty fun. >> it would. everyone is in on that. >> rolling out t
. >> she was a ball of energy, a ball of life, and, you know, she will be missed by us every day. >> reporter: she aspired to be a firefighter/paramedic. today, members of calfire dropped by with a gift. >> wanted to give her a momento, a patch like ours, to kind of say welcome to the firefighter family. >> reporter: the funds raised here today will go to the national center for missing and exploited children. plans for a funeral are still pending. live in pet lumina, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2news. >>> the wet weather has returned to the bay area and late this afternoon in downtown oakland, this is what it looked like. mark tamayo is here with a look at where the rain is falling at this moment. mark? >> jana, the first rain of 2013, and the rainfall has been picking up over the past couple of hours across parts of the bay area. live storm tracker 2 shows you the current pattern. there's a live doppler sweep showing you the rainfall out there. up towards santa rosa, parts of the north bay, steady to moderate to heavy rain, especially with darker shades of green towards santa ros
and most of the energy is staying to the north. i have seen a lot of temperatures around antioch and brentwood anywhere from 38 to 47 so take your pick. the city has 44 but there is fog reported in san francisco and there is fog all over the place and we will have to deal with that. there is a little bit of light snow near the oregon border but dashboarder but for us, more so tomorrow and then we will go right down and big time cooling comes in on friday. a bit of a damp cold and most locations will stay calm. 50s on the temperatures a few mid-to-upper 60s to morgan hill gilroy and it will be warmer on tuesday and we start to see mid- week transition, and we could see a few flash and -- splash and -- showers. breezy cooler mornings, especially sunday. >>> he is in north korea right now and why they are not happy.$♪. >> marines weigh in on their interest in combat duty. >>> plus a new company that lets you share somebody else's dog if you can't have one of your own. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby conti
to file including those would claim residential energy credit, prosecute depreciation or general business credit. >> the white house is reportedly considering a new option for cutting american troop levels in afghanistan over the next year. the "los angeles times" reports that the obama administration has not ruled out withdrawing all u.s. troops from afghanistan after 2014. there are right now 66,000 in the country and the pentagon is pushing if 9,000 in 2015 and others want 3,000 or fewer. >> coming up, a neighborhood squabble over wild turkeys. >> an invitation by facebook create as frenzy in tech circles. >> diet drinks promise to keep the pounds off, right, but research says there is another unintended >> a 5:53. holiday shoppers responded so well to a new pricing strategy they will keep it up. a new trend is to check out an item in a store and thing go back to the computer and buy it cheaper online. to beat it over the holidays target matched online prices and now it will continue that practice year round. target says if you see a price on a website for amazon or best buy or toys 'r
energy. we have a lot of ultra books. you still see a lot of these hybrid laptop/tablet computers. this is a digital scale. it actually connects to your smartphone and it will smile at you if you lose weight. it will frown at you if you gain weight. so technology with a little personality. we will have all sorts of gadgets over the next couple of days from here. i'll send it back to you. >> i don't want to be taunted by my scale any more than i need to be. >> thank you, scott. >> it may be a boy scout recommended for the rank of eagle scout after a year of turmoil and public pressure. back in october ryan anderson's application for promotion was denied, as you know, by his troup leader because he admitted he's gay. his mother sent in an online petition demanding fairness for his son. he was a guest on ellen degeneres' talk show. now there's word that a san francisco review board for the scouts has unanimously approved the promotion. ryan's parents are calling it a huge victory. however, the boy scouts national organization is still denying his application. >>> we turn things over
to austin and had you stop, texas. >> a lot of that driven by the energy sector and technology sector and again we are expecting to see that 10ed growth in the years to come. >> and subject of jobs former senator chuck hagel of nebraska likely to be nominated at secretary of state next week after obama returns from vacation in hawaii according to the wall street journal. >> white house released picture of president obama as he was being briefed about the shootings in newtown, connecticut right after it happened last month. as you can see mr. obama appears to be very somber as he spoke with deputy national security advisor john brennan about this. president later said during a television interview that was quote the worst day of his presidency. >> another point an moment captured by the white house president obama present add purple heart hours after he was hit by aneurysm ed in afghanistan. improvised explosive did he advice. haig seems to be asleep or unconscious. president white period and with eyes still closed sergeant haig as you see here reached his hand out to shake with t
project. in march, the bridge will be turned into a light show, 25,000 energy-efficient lights will light up the western side of the span. the entire $8 million project is being paid for by private donations. >> we're 40% of the way there in terms of the installation. very soon we will be able to turn on lights. >> now, this is important, when you drive on the bay bridge, you won't be able to see the lights to prevent distracted drive driving. they will only be visible from the shore line. it looks cool. >> spectacular. >> i think it will be up for two years. >>> with that in mind, hey, sal, can you take is to the bridge -- take us to the bridge? >> yes, i can. >> thank you. >> we'll go to the bridge westbound bay bridge. i think you will like what we see here westbound. it doesn't look all that bad at all. in fact, we haven't had a delay this morning at the toll plaza. again, this is probably the last day we'll see this. some schools are out next week as well. we might be in better shape. a lot people come back to work and school on monday. this is 101 approaching the 80 split and that p
obama outlined his vision for the new year. >> we need to promote our energy independence and protect our planet from the harmful effects much climate change and shielding our children from the horrors of gun violence. >> president said that he's looking forward to work with the new congress and proud that they passed landmark legislation. >>> the first family will conclude the holiday break late tonight. they're scheduled to depart from hey high around midnight. -- from hawaii around midnight. the first family started the end of the year vacation on december 21st. but the president returned to washington last week to help negotiate the fiscal cliff deal. >>> your tax refund could be coming late they are year and you can blame the fiscal cliff deal. they will issue tax forms based on the laws. the agency will not start accepting tax returns. but two years ago congress was in a similar bind. and tax season didn't begin till mid-february. >>> minority house leader nancy pilosi is depending a photo depicting women democrats in the state. she's calling it and accurate historical error. th
are eager to get back to work. >> there's a great energy here in the locker room. haven't felt that for a long time. to have 8-10 players wondering around the locker room, shaking hand, excited about seeing each other, it's nice to have that around again. >> did you see the weather in hawaii last few days? it's been delay after delay because of the 40 miles per hour winds. >>> here's wind that helps stricker push the ball into the cup. that's an eagle. he's two shots behind dustin johnson. they'll finish that tournament tomorrow, hopefully. that is a good thing. >>> were you busy skiing the slopes this week? you might have missed a thing or two. >>> how do you like it? the bank stays open late for valley native jordan as they remain unbeaten. clay matthews, new way to get to the quarterback, have a nice trip. see you next fall. warriors found out the hard way why they call it la lob city. clippers have become the toast of la of lob angeles. thank you very much. i'll be here all week. now to the splitter for the easy layup. >> oh you didn
she played little league baseball. >> she was a ball of energy. ball of life and she will be missed by us. every day. >>> alyssa treatment of becoming a firefighter-paramedic. they presented her with a patch. proceeds will go to the national center for missing and exploited children. >>> a man stabbed a cab driver last night outside the macarthur station. the incident began with an argument between a man and woman inside one of the trains. the woman got off the train with the man chasing after her. he followed her into the taxi. the cab driver tried to inter convenient and that's when he was stabbed. another cabbie took the cab driver to the hospital that was stabbed. no word on the woman involved. >>> a hitchhiker stabbed a man giving him a lift. it happened on river road. the victim had a child in his car when he picked up the hitchhiker. it is unclear why he was stabbed. but he was able to stop the car and throw the hitchhiker out. he was taken to the hospital with stab wounds and they are now searching for the hitchhiker. >>> this happened yesterday afternoon on gary street near
for a huge art project. in march the bridge will be turned into a light show. 25,000 energy efficient lights will shine on the western side of the span. this entire $8 million project is being paid for by private donations. $2million needs to be raised still. >> we're 40% of the way there in terms of the installation and very soon i'll start turning on lights and see what they can do. >> when you're driving on the bridge you won't be able to see the lights. it will only be visible from the shoreline to prevent drivers from being distracted. it will be beautiful. >>> 5:08 is the time right now. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. hopefully the bridge no problems yet. >> no problems yet. looks good so far anyway. we've been looking at the chp list and making sure we're up to date. it does look good on the east shore freeway, coming out to the mcarthur maize and chp list not all that significant right now. look let's move to the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a report of some south bay stuff, card board on the lanes near north 1st street. watch for that hazard just reported to chp. n
will be turned into a light show. 25,000 energy efficient lights will light up the western side of the span. the 8 million-dollar project is being paid for by private donations. when drive you won't be able to see those lights. they'll only be visible from the shoreline. >>> and speaking of the bridge, sal of course checking in on the toll plaza. how does it look so far this morning: it's not really a big delay. you can see more people arriving. yesterday at this time we had more people at the toll plaza. maybe today we're going to have a completely light day here. we'll see. it looks good getting into the san francisco. using the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 looks good. this is a look at 101. northbound 101 traffic looks good approaching the 80 split and southbound o 101, we've been looking at that, looking at the road sensors this morning on our maps. a little bit of slowing over the hill coming from half-moon bay to 280. nothing out of the ordinary there. for the most part it looks good. >>> cold out there, not as cold. kind of a damp cold. i think it's in double figures now. the amoun
. >>> gasoline prices are expected to fall this year. the energy department is predicting the average price of a gallon of regular will fall 5% nationwide to $3.44. that's the biggest drop in four years. forecasters say ample supplies and weak demand will keep prices down. that's barring any refinery problems or a rise in middle east tensions. >>> and starting salaries for recent graduates were higher than in past years. a survey from the national association of colleges and employers found new grads are making a little bit more than 44,000 on the average. that's the biggest year-to-year increase since 2008. $44,000? i don't think i got that when i graduated. [ laughter ] >> not even close. >> i started at 9 grand in eureka. >> i know it. but yeah, as long as i can get a job. hey, that's good. >> all right. ashley, well, we know the biggest u.s. airlines were on time a bit more often in november, i guess. >> reporter: yes. some good news there for flyers. the transportation department says 85% of flights arrived on time. hawaiian airlines had the b
. and this morning, the crimson tide cheerleaders, still celebrating. still have a lot of energy. riding that victory high. josh was down there for all the celebrations. we're going to hear from him in a bit. >> we want to say hello to robin at home this morning. big day for her. amy robach is here. sam is out in las vegas. ginger zee in for him. so we have coast to coast covered this morning. >> everybody's somewhere. >>> we all heard of the dreamliner. it's the high-tech, new plane that's supposed to revolutionize air travel. well, a fire on board one of them right after landing at boston airport is raising new alarms this morning. the good news is, the fire happened after landing. >> yes, big deal there. >>> and million-dollar murder. the mystery surrounding a lottery winner's death, just one day after he scored that winning ticket. >> very strange. we're going to get to that. >>> we begin with breaking news from gabby giffords. two years ago today, she was shot with so many others in a tucson parking lot. since then, there have been 11 mass shootings in america, including the tragedy in newtown,
energy. your heart starts to beat, sweating. >>> this coming fall all incoming freshman at san diego state will be required to go to a similar training exercise on how to survive a campus shooting. >>> 7:47. state lawmakers are drafting a bill that could close a loophole in an old california rape law. it's in response to a ruling that overturned the rape conviction of a los angeles county man. he broke into a home and slipped into bed with the woman. she thought he was her boyfriend so she consented. but she later realized she was being attacked. the judge found under a 140- year-old law what happened was not a crime because the victim was not married. >> we're not able to put that woman's right in this 24th century. it's -- what's next? >> the law makes it a crime for a man to have sex with a woman by tricking her into thinking he's her husband. but it never addresses what happens if that woman is unmarried. last year, a central valley assemblyman introduced legislation to close the loophole but the state senate never took it up for a vote. >>> 18-year-old raisin has been denied the
of the gulf, energy from the low really gets wound up. rainfall amounts. first of all, flood threats, flash flood threats and we're talking rainfall over 5 to 7 inches of rain along parts of eastern and central texas. it could have a great effect, at least, of knocking down the drought. flooding could be a big problem as well. we'll get your local forecast right after this. total of about $10,000 back." i wave my wand and refunds suddenly appear. i can help you. >>> good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. we do have thick pockets of fog across the bay area. travel cautiously. give yourself extra time if you wake up in interior inland valleys. throughout the day we hit the 60s by the finish. 66 inland. 65 bayside and 65 at the coast. temperatures tumble by tomorrow down to the 50s and we get a few showers late wednesday into thursday. >>> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. >>> police in chicago now have opened a homicide investigation into the death of a man who died just one day after he received a big lottery payout. andrea canning is here with the details on that.
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-term agenda which includes immigration reform, pressing for stiffer gun-control laws, and new energy policies. >> the state of the union will be critical here. >> reporter: joe lockhart served as press secretary to former president bill clinton. lockhart says in order to achieve his other policy goals, president obama should focus on building public support, a tactic he more heavily employed toward the end of his first term. >> the president has to lay out a program and a political game plan for how he's going to sell this and then hit the road and go city to city, talk to republicans, talk to democrats, create an environment where it's very, very difficult for republicans to oppose him. >> reporter: now also on the horizon, according to multiple sources, president obama could announce his pick for secretary of defense as early as the beginning of next week. those who are close to the nominating process say former nebraska senator chuck hagel is the leading candidate. but white house officials stress the president has not yet made his final decision. lester? >> kristen welker thank you very m
of dropping down out of the northwest following the system over the weekend. most of the energy stays way to the north. we just get the higher clouds. very thick fog in the morning. then kind of a mix of filtered sun. 50s on the temperatures to near 60. a little cooler for sun. warmer on tuesday, could have more than just a couple of 60s and then wednesday you start to see a system drop down from the north. much, much colder air. definitely colder air coming in. it will probably be warmer as we head towards sunday. >> going up and down. >> yeah. >>> 7:26. cracking down on people who steal copper. the tougher security measures at one bay area school district that's been targeted several times. >>> the suspects in the colorado movie theater massacre is due back in court at this hour for the start of a week- long preliminary hearing. we'll have a live report from colorado. >> reporter: we're live in san jose where police are searching for the person who stabbed a man earlier this morning. we'll tell you the motive that police think is behind the stabbing. share everything. share brotherly lo
his energy. impressive that, apparently, he can even honk that horn. not bad. it is now five minutes after the hour. let's go back over to al with a check of your weather. >> everywhere in the neighborhood, very nervous. >> beware. >> thank you very much. >>> let's see what we've got for you. friends in the pacific northwest are getting slammed again. big storm coming onshore. rain along the coast. snow in the mountains. winter storm warnings, winter weather advisories as well. even a couple of avalanche watches. and then as we look at the snowfall amounts, up to 12 inches of snow. more in the mountains. one to three inches of rain along the coast. big upper level low in the southwest will be causing some problems, bringing high-wind watches, wind advisories and wind warnings for much of southern california. that system moves into the southwest later today and brings with it a lot of rain, next 24 to 48 hours, parts of texas could see three to fiv >>> 9:05 on a very foggy monday morning. believe it or not, the golden gate bridge is there. you have to take my word for it. no flight de
-c. with vitamin c for immune support and b vitamins for natural energy, i'm ready for whatever they get into. get your free sample at stay healthy and feel the good. blast of cold feels nice. why don't you use bengay zero degrees? it's the one you store in the freezer. same medicated pain reliever used by physical therapists. that's chilly. [ male announcer ] new bengay zero degrees. freeze and move on. >>> you're watching "today in the bay." >> happy friday to you. 9:26. i'm marla tellez. stanford university researchers may have found what's causing young healthy athletes to have sudden heart attacks. researchers discovered higher levels of calcium in patients with a heart condition. scientists have known a genetic mutation is the reason behind abnormal hearts in athlete, but they were not sure why the heart muscle was failing. stanford researchers say medication to restore calcium to normal levels could be one way to treat that condition. >>> in the north bay now, in t petalu petaluma, a 91-year-old woman is dead after being trapped by flames inside a mobile home. these right
to feel the energy build. in a couple of moments we'll see how all of our picks compared to your picks at home when we're talking about the big races. will "lincoln" get the expected big haul or will "silver linings playbook" pull it off? >> just what they wear to the awards show will influence fashion. we all love fashion. offspring influence baby names to the offbeat fashion. celebrity baby names, blu ivy i think is a hit. that's still in style. the big question, what should the royals name their baby? >> frank. >> frank? >> very good ring to it. >> you have to say it like michelle. frank. could you see kate middleton, frank. >> kathy, bill and frank. >> perfect. like it. >>> little later on, the name is the easy part. as they get older, there are other big decisions to be made, such as when they start dating. we'll have a panel of moms chew over some of the tough questions. >>> on "today's" take three, savannah is in los angeles and the great michelle beedle is back and the great jason kennedy. >> awkward. >> interestingly enough, michelle will do a skating performance for us. >> i
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